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Hanka Marketing

Coming back to Japan after having lived in multiple places in the world, Makoto has realized the dynamics of the Japanese market. With the language barrier (needless to say), cultures & traditions, and regulations, it's not easy for foreign companies to enter the Japanese market. 

That's how Makoto decided to start her journey. Understanding both cultures of East and West and using her network in Japan, she decided to offer her service to be a bridge between Japanese companies and foreign companies. Once companies understand the dynamics of the targeted market, there are so many opportunities to enjoy. There will be so many things that Japanese companies can offer to the world and foreign companies to Japan.

She enjoys utilizing her skills which she gained through work experiences in Japan and North America and meeting people from all over the world through her work.


Makoto R


Makoto was born and raised in Nagasaki, Japan. She has lived in Canada, Sweden and the U.S.


Makoto has extensive experience in market research and she has worked for L'Oreal Canada, Gap Inc., Quest Japan Ltd, Japan Data Science Consortium, and etc.

She has Bachelor of Economics from Nagasaki University, Nagasaki Japan and MBA from Concordia University, Montreal Canada.

On her free time, she enjoys making pottery, listening to Beethoven, classical music and opera, watching tennis and traveling with her family.

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