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Market Research

Cultures, norms or traditions affect a market. With our deep understanding of local markets and trends, your company will have a competitive advantage in your target market.

Finding Right Business Partners

Finding business partners in Japan isn't an easy task and it's very time-consuming. Business partnership system in Japan is a little complicated, even for Japanese. With our network and experiences, we will help you to find right partners for your business.

Competitor Analysis
Data Collection

We offer high quality analysis of your competitors, help you to identify where you stand in relation to them, and develop your strategy to succeed in a market. 

Success of business depends on the quality of data you obtain. We collect quality data and provide analysis vital to your company's decision making processes and day-to-day business activities. 


We don't let you get lost in translation. Localization is more than translation. You have to understand people's feelings and needs behind words. Effective localization enables you to capture consumers' heart.

Cross-Cultural Management

Without understanding the culture you are dealing with, you can not expect your business to grow. Our broad expertise and knowledge of different cultures help you to design and implement your marketing strategies.  

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